2020 is having a good time with the entire planet.

If it’s not viruses, social unrest or the upcoming election, it’s collapsing dams in Midland, MI, it’s earthquakes in the Northern Pacific, border skirmishes between China and India. The list of bad news and tragedy appears endless in 2020.

In my last post, I mentioned that I am not naïve – and I may now disprove that. For all that’s going on I am optimistic. Maybe as a small business owner, that’s a pre-requisite.

I have faith that there are brilliant minds devising tests and cures for Covid and Covid-type viruses. It was certainly sprung on an unsuspecting world (In February the World Health Org. said that it couldn’t pass from human-to-human according to a BBC podcast) and we’ve learned from the experiences we’ve all struggled and are struggling through. We will be better prepared next time.

I am comforted by how much the world has taken on the mantle of racial injustice. Not the riots and looting of course, but by soccer teams kneeling, demonstrations around the world, and a general feeling that the majority have had enough. Things won’t change overnight, in a year or even ten years, but incrementally things will change for the better. High school graduates in 2020 have seen a lot in their lifetimes. They will be among those that propel this change over the long haul. The same for the environment. The more we can get involved in making a difference for the better or supporting those that are, the better things will become.

Now, proof that I may not be completely naïve – A lot of what is going on is driven by political agendas. It’s hard to function in an environment where politics can be ignored or their impact is minimized, but hopefully there will be enough momentum to carry through permanent, meaningful change.

I’m not sure how our frozen custard equipment helps in any dramatic fashion, but we are going to work on getting some fundraising going for groups that are working on making the world a better place.