I Can’t Multitask Properly.

Honestly, I can’t really pay attention to two things at once with any great success. My attempt last year to listen to fantasy football podcasts while working in the factory resulted in me having an awful draft and terrible overall year. It didn’t help that I listened to everything from latest to oldest meaning all the information I heard last was way out of date.

Yesterday, I was doing some basic office catch up – filing, writing POs, and listening to The Deeper Dive podcast (from Restaurant Business) and always worth listening to. It was more for background but got into talking about supply chain issues – both in ingredients and equipment – and how modern thinking that holding inventory is bad has exacerbated the problem. The part on equipment naturally grabbed my attention and the guest (Mark Rossi of Avanti Restaurant Solutions) said that you should order now for equipment delivery in February. We’re living through supply issues right now and are buying components from a ridiculous number of vendors.

We’re catching up, but maybe this is the time to consider buying refurbished equipment if you don’t normally. It may save you a few dollars as well – enough to get that location with a drive thru!

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