As an Ice Cream or Frozen Custard Dessert Business,
You Can Turn Bad News Into Happiness for Your Customers

First of all lets get down to the business of all the bad news. If you spend any time looking at the news, you can see a whole bunch of bad news. Even good news is tinged with bad news. For example, the 2019 U.S. women’s soccer world cup win switched focus on equal pay. Maybe it’s just that bad news sells more than good news. Everywhere you look there’s the opportunity to be pessimistic and downhearted.

Running a business is stressful. In the frozen custard and treat world there are opportunities for people to experience elation during the day. You can turn the bad news into good news by spreading happiness to your customers even if it’s for a brief moment in time.

One of the greatest things I think about the frozen dessert industry is that the product you sell normally is a source of great joy. Take a moment to look at the faces of your customers as they take the first lick, sip or spoonful of the dessert you’ve made for them.

Every day, we have the opportunity to make people happy. Taking a minute to remember you’re making people really happy may help make all the stress worthwhile.

Turn bad news into happiness image shows little girl holding an ice cream cone. She is wearing a melon colored shirt and has a huge smile on her face.