Heading into the Holidays

This is not necessarily my favorite time of year. I do like the fall colors, colder nights and the run up to Thanksgiving. That said, I am not a fan of all things pumpkin (even frozen custard). I don’t really enjoy Hallowe’en. Maybe it’s a throwback to how it used to be celebrated in England. Given the choice, I would always take regular potatoes over sweet potatoes.

It also seems to signify the start of the rush to get to Christmas. Stores rush to get sales started and throw decorations up to get us into the “holiday spirit”. Thanksgiving barely gets a look in.

As the selling season slows slightly in your custard shops, take a moment to thank your employees for their efforts throughout the summer. I’m sure some will be let go and not come back. However, a few words of thanks and an offer of a job next year will be gratefully received by the employees you want to keep.

Try going a step further. If you employed high school or college students, go to their band concert, play, basketball game or any other activity. Show them you care but be genuine. Otherwise, they’ll see right through any insincerity.

Heading into the holidays image is a combo of Thanksgiving & Christmas. Top pic shows a cooked, golden brown turkey. Pic on bottom is package wrapped in red paper.