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Request our Open an Ice Cream Store Free Guide for insider tips about the frozen dessert business. Is your entrepreneur spirit inspiring you to open an ice cream store or restaurant but not sure how to go about doing it correctly, functionally and cost-effectively.

Save yourself the frustration, headaches and time if you plan on trying to do it all on your own. We All Scream™ Consulting, a division of Lancaster Manufacturing, will provide the personalized support you need to get started. We have horror stories that will make you cringe and think twice of trying to attempt this without professional guidance. We encourage you to take advantage of our guide to get a head start!

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Open an Ice Cream
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The first thing you have to understand is what business you want to be in. There is a different criterion for an ice cream store than that of an all-day café. You need to have a location that will be conducive to families visiting your store.

The concept or the menu of the store will determine the square footage for the store. This also will drive the kind of equipment you will also require to produce the food product for customers.

The health department is unique for state and local regulations. California’s health permits are quite different. The next step will be the building permit department and what is needed from them.

Delays can be caused by using the wrong contractors. Building inspectors become involved as well. Tony, owner of Lancaster Manufacturing, wants to know who the contractors are and will ask to see their certificates and licenses!

Lancaster Manufacturing is part of a large buying group for equipment for a store. We’ll provide a rough estimate of how much equipment will cost and will come in with high and low costs for the equipment.

Your supplier should want you to succeed. What is the value that the supplier is bringing  to you.

The goal is for us to leave the store with a customer who knows how to maintain, run a machine and leave someone in the town who can fix the machine for timing purposes.

Preparing desserts is an art and a science. We’ll train store owners and their employees how to create desserts that don’t “fall” apart.

Third party services are provided for this. Teach employees how to greet customers politely, handle difficult customers, handling of money and how to close the store. Let them know why employees resign.

Location determines the customer, looking for family sales, looking for a group of people coming in, grandma and grandpa and the kids or the ball club. This should be decided at the concept phase.

Be aware of what the competition is; it could be the movie theater. Talk about the quality of your product; value over price. Frozen custard is made fresh. You’re not selling something you want to age – like Scotch!!

Normally talk about this as we get close to opening day. Different marketing programs for different nights. Handing out samples, having stories about how we do what we do, etc.

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open an ice cream store free guide

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