Meeting Face to Face Can Be Beneficial

Meeting face to face can be beneficial when sitting down in person with suppliers, employees, clients, etc. We had this type of meeting with a supplier on August 6, 2019.

We originally met to discuss one item we purchased earlier in our professional relationship. Up for discussion was how we could either get more use from it or maybe find an alternate that would offer other advantages.

Our conversation took many turns. It ended up with us considering several items that may offer huge benefits to our customers. This was after we conducted some research and development. We finished the meeting pretty excited about the next steps and expanding our relationship.

Meeting face to face image shows brown rectangular table. Three men and 1 woman is sitting at the table in discussion.

Normally these sorts of interactions happen by phone or video. Of course that’s the more convenient and less costly way to “meet” with people. They also tend to be much shorter when not meeting face to face. That said – the benefits of sitting down with people sometimes make the expense in time and effort worthwhile.

As we get to the end of the selling season, make sure that you find time to sit face to face with employees and suppliers. This will help you get their take on the good and bad of what’s happened and what opportunities are out there.