How to Maintain Commercial Ice Cream Maker

If you own an ice cream shop, you have to look after your equipment if you want it to stand the test of time.
Below are some tips on how to Maintain Commercial Ice Cream Maker. 

Your ice cream store is something you’re proud of. It’s a place where friends and family gather and indulge in their favorite ice cream confections. As a central hub, it’s no surprise that you go through a lot of ice cream in one day during the warm months. This takes a toll on your commercial ice cream maker. Learn about the best way to maintain your ice cream makers and how a little extra attention keeps them working for many years to come.

A Few Tips to Maintain Commercial Ice Cream Maker

Tip the Scale in Your Favor

  • Understand Regular Cleaning is Important

    No matter how big or small your restaurant is, keeping it clean is the most important aspect. Even if your business is an ice cream shop, you want it clean enough to prevent the spreading of germs and so customers want to return again.

    Although cleaning and sanitizing floors and counter tops are just as important, you want your machines spotless too. Check your local health code to find out how often you need to clean; sometimes it’s as much as twice a day. Another good item to check for cleaning maintain commercial ice cream makeris the operator’s manual that accompanies the machine. Make sure you thoroughly understand the manual for advised cleaning schedules for your machine. You’ll feel confident about serving customers and know that you’re reducing the risk of germs and contamination with regular cleanings.

  • Know How to Take Apart Your Commercial Ice Cream Maker

    In order to reach every part of your commercial ice cream machines, you’ll need to disassemble every piece. This sounds intimidating, but once you get used to it, knowing which parts belong where will become a snap. Taking everything apart means you won’t miss any spots during the cleaning process. In addition, it’s useful to take this opportunity to look for wear and tear on your machines to determine what part needs to be replaced.

    Once you’ve taken everything apart, train your employees to do the same. You’ll never worry again if something is on right and working properly.

  • Make Sure It’s Empty Then Clean Thoroughly

    Make sure you’re using cleaning products required by your food sanitation code. Besides cleaning out the commercial ice cream machine and all its parts, it’s important to sanitize everything. Always use a stiff brush to scrub the machine and parts down. Follow up with sanitizer as needed and rinse everything off. Allow the parts to dry on clean towels. Finally, wipe the parts down before putting everything back together.

  • Hire a Professional When Necessary

    Sometimes you’ll need someone to help you with cleaning your commercial ice cream maker. If you’re short on help and having issues with your machines, getting outside help is understandable.

    Professionals bring their own cleaning supplies and do the heavy lifting for you. It doesn’t matter if you have brand new machines or they’ve come to you as pre-owned ice cream makers. No matter how old the machines are, professionals ensure they’re clean and ready to serve your customers.

Learn More on How to Maintain Commercial Ice Cream Maker

Keeping your machines clean sounds daunting, but it’s an important part of taking care of your customers. Besides ensuring everything is safe, you won’t worry about violating health codes.

If you’re looking for a different commercial ice cream maker but don’t know what’s out there, let us help. Contact us and learn about the different ice cream makers we offer for purchase. From upgrading to something new to adding more machines to a busy restaurant, we’ve got you covered.